What Our Members Have to Say...


Appearances are one thing.  But the rubber meets the road with first hand experience.


"I think what you are doing is awesome, and very special. Keep up the great work!"  - Sean F., Dunedin Florida

"What I like most is the wide range of topics and the peoples' input"  - Wayne A., Laveen Arizona


"...there is no other website like this. I think the weekly calls are important and because of your strong leadership abilities, you are able to present new information so we can hear you explain it before it is posted on the website for us to use to the best of our advantage."  - Diane G. - Anadarko, Oklahoma

"I like how there are people pursing many different remedies, i.e. citizenship, legal matters, and financial independence. I also like how there are a wide range of member and knowledge. I enjoy seeing the conversations in the Skype logs." - Mike U., Nashville Tennessee

"What I like most is the load of information. The step by step video instruction (how to win in court). The archive of conference calls." - Chris O., Moline, Illinois

"The feature I use the most is the 'Books to Download' page -- as I can suck down all the info and save it later for reading. I've done this with the other educational packages as well."  - M. Bledsoe, Kearns, Utah

"The 3 things I like most about LLC: 1. The mission and intention for the LLC and it's members.  2. Members with multiple levels of experience, sharing valuable information and assist other members when available.   3. Your commitment (Mark) to putting time and energy into being the center stone for the club!"  - Corey S., Wilmington, North Carolina

"Bottom line: great-great job with developing this club as it is an incredible resource and achievement!"  - John M., Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

"I like that there are web conferences each week. Good info. I can't be on the conferences but I listen (to the recordings) when I can later each week."  - Rich C., Columbia Falls, Montana

"I feel very welcome as if I am among friends and kindred spirits."  - Jerry A., Wilson, Wyoming.

"What I like most is level-headed approach to 'patriot' and 'freedom' information. even-handed broker of info. especially like that you are engaging members to provide "comparative" information on different guru's approaches."  - Glen C., Plano, Texas

"...A tremendous value which exceeds my expectations."  - Bill G., Millford, New Hampshire

"Very Good - Highly Valuable."  - Butch W., Memphis Tennessee

"The 3 things I like the most: 1. Truth 2. Resources to find answers to my challenges.  3. I feel a bond of likeness, brotherhood if you will that I have not felt in other groups I have been in."  - Dwight C., Bremerton, Washington

"For me, this info is a blessing from God. I pray you continue to find the strength to lead this community, and keep us amoured with the knowledge to protect ourselves."  - Ian D.,  Winooski, Vermont