7 Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group

    -  Stephanie Burns - Forbes Magazine

"Mastermind groups are relatively new to most people, even though Napoleon Hill created the concept around 75 years ago with his book, Think and Grow Rich. A mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

How does a mastermind work? A group of smart people meet weekly, monthly, daily even if it makes sense, to tackle challenges and problems together. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections and do business with each other when appropriate. It’s very much peer-to-peer mentoring and if you are lucky enough to get invited to one, you will most likely see a marked change in yourself and your business.


Here are 7 reasons why a mastermind group might be right for you:..."      (to read the complete article Click Here)



Quick Summary

of the 3 membership options we have for you! 


Constitutional Commandos Group:


This is what we consider our 'Full Membership' and where you want to start.  Constitutional Commando members have full access to all full member benefits.  Maximum benefits accrue when you later upgrade then to the Global Entrepreneur membership if you don't start there from the beginning.  The value far exceeds the nominal $1500 lifetime membership and $49 annual renewal thereafter. Join as a 'Commando' and you now have access to the cutting edge tools, resources and opportunities which will help you create a new level of freedom and capability that many only dream about. Full details below...  To Join Now: Click Here to go straight to the instructions...

Global Entrepreneur:

This is the elite level upgrade for Commando members who are ready to move into the realm of advanced financial and privacy concepts.  This membership moves you into the international arena where you'll have access to sophisticated; asset protection, banking alternatives, financial privacy, money management, private trust operations and much more.  Non-members can benefit from this and get on the fast track for only $3,950 which includes an international private trust, access to the P.A.M.S., international trustee and much more we can't discuss here.  The G.E.  upgrade for commado members will be the difference in memberships levels. 

This is really where you want to be for various reasons.  To read more and get the details, Click Here

To get started as a Global Entrepreneur, follow the process for Constitutional Commando and we'll give you instructions in our personal interview.  Go to the bottom of 'Details' below. 

The Pathfinders Group:


This is an entry point for our LayAway program to get you on the path to being a full Constitutional Commando member starting with only a $500 deposit.  You'll have up to six months to upgrade to FULL COMMANDO MEMBER and pay only the balance (which equates to only $166 a month over 6 months).  As an Affiliate you will generate $450 and $1185 for each Constitutional Commando and Global Entrepreneur memberships respectively.   This will get you upgraded in no time.  Here's the affiliate registration page.

The Pathfinder member benefits are powerful;  

1.  26 weekly training sessions.  These are structured to get you started on a wide variety of important topics and are delivered via email once a week for 25 weeks.  The subject matter covers most of the issues raised on our website.  Follow this course and you'll be ready to elevate your game to the big leagues!

2.  Strategic Planning Concepts.  Explore and evaluate the strategic options for creating a personal roadmap to achieve freedom based on your unique circumstances.  

3.  Video-On-Demand workshops. You get full access to our collection of video workshops at no additional cost. These include: 
   -  Escape the Matrix
   -  Private Traveller
   -  Previous Taxpayer
   -  Stop Withholding
   -  Change Your Legal Status - Practical Matters

4.   IRS Freedom Course.  Learn once and for all how simple it is to eliminate these criminals from your life.

5.  Cash Flow Generation.  Complete A to Z, step by step guidance on generating additional cash flow in your own internet business. 

The true value here is unsurpassed.  If you can't join as a full Constitutional Commando right now, Pathfinder is what you need to do!   The key element to your progress in life is to JUST GET STARTED! 
Just click below to get started NOW.

Complete our questionnaire 

Make your deposit

See full details below...

The Constitutional Commandos Group - Option #1

Being a constitutional 'Commando' puts you in the category of being a specially trained, elite member of American special operations who is prepared to be effective in conducting bold and critical missions in enemy occupied territory.  

Scroll down for instructions to join....

Our enemy is he who reigns over the principalities of darkness and directs all of the lost souls who are his minions and who swirl around us on a daily basis on various levels. 
As a member of the constitutional Commando Group, you'll be equipped to fight for truth and justice.  Your training will arm you to achieve a higher level of peace and prosperity,  not to mention 'self preservation'.  

You'll have access to all of the Pathfinder Group benefits ...
...Plus:   advanced research, recon and tactical training which will enable you to successfully;


  • - destroy lawsuits and attempted charges planted against you for any 'alleged' non-compliance.
  • - turn back bogus attempts at foreclosure and get paid for the credit you created for your mortgage
  • - eliminate fraudulent, enemy creditors
  • - escape the prison camp of 'US citizenship' and correct your legal status to put you in the safe zone
  • - safeguard your assets and keep them beyond reach of any attackers. 
  • - travel safely in occupied territory
  • - deal effectively with foreign operatives
  • - flip your relationship with the IRS to one which only involves sending a Christmas card every year  
      (optional) and nothing more!
  • - Replace your traceable, taxable, seizable paycheck with multiple streams of private revenue you can 
  • - Disappear in plain sight.
  • ....and much more!

As a part of your training and tactical preparation, your Commando Boot Camp will also include;

      Advanced Training Libraries:

           - Each of our Advanced Training Libraries contain various folders of high level intel, cutting
research and advanced methods of legal and spiritual combat in the following

  1. Beat the Bankers - advanced tactics for taking on all creditors, collectors & fraudulent foreclosures.

  2. IRS Freedom - The title says it all.  Learn proper methods for making a 'clean escape'.
  3. Becoming a Secured Creditor Using a non-UCC Process - Shift from being 'Debtor' to be the 'Creditor'

  4. Legal Status Correction -  Your papers please!  U.S. citizen?  Oh, I see.  'Creditor'.  Have a nice day!

  5. Commercial Liens - Intense training on these high powered legal munitions

  6. The Contractual Business Organization aka 'Business Trust' - Secrets of the Super Wealthy

  7. Spiritual Renewal - You are never alone on the battlefield when you can call in your 'Army of Angels'

      Books, White Papers, Blueprints & Documents:

You have access to an extensive list of digital books and papers which you can 'borrow' as you
           like.  These contain detailed blueprints and 'how to' tactics and strategies provided by experts
           in their field. 
Each category has its own lengthy list of publications.
           Here are the current categories; 

  1. Asset Protection

  2. Business, Banking & Finance

  3. Common Law
  4. Contracts & Commercial Law
  5. Courts & The Law
  6. IRS & Taxes in General

  7. Legal Status
  8. The PT Lifestyle, Preparation & Escape from the corporate treadmill
  9. Right to Travel
  10. Self Defense & Survival

New materials are added regularly! 


     The Commando Mastermind Group 'Centcom' (central communications center)

          This is a closed online forum where qualified commandos meet, get debriefed, share intel and
        communicate with each other.  This is often used to 
gather intel before going out on a mission
        and is a great venue for debriefing the details of successful missions so all members can increase in
        their knowledge and training and get direct benefit.

     Private Consultations

        If you have an urgent need for direct personal guidance and consultation beyond what you can get from our Skype support group or members forum, that is available at an additional nominal cost.  This will give you a solid second opinion on your perspectives & plans and could possibly help steer you in the right direction to keep you on the right track.  Success is measured in degrees.  1 or 2 degrees off the mark could make all the difference.


     Debt & Foreclosure Management* 

  1. Mortgage Fraud Analysis and Bloomberg Securitization Search
  2. Mortgage Fraud Report revealing UCC violations existing in your loan
  3. Potential Cause of Action Consultation for personalized legal strategies
  4. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Audit
  5. Attorney Drafted Qualified Written Request (QWR) Letter
  6. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Federal Lawsuit
  7. Powerful Administrated Documents
  8. Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) Complaint/Petition for Damages
  9. Federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA) Recession Letter
  10. Access to Members Only Products & Services that include:

  • - Court Ready Quiet Title & Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Packages
  • - Trial Ready Evidence Packages
  • - Expert Witness Affidavits & Testimony
  • - Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO)
  • - Lis Pendens
  • - Court Ready Discovery Document
  • - Nationwide Foreclosure Defense Attorney Network
  • - Attorney Loan Modifications
  • - Pro Se Education & Training Programs
  • - Pro Se Bankruptcy Services & Support

    * Specialized assistance in this area requires an extra fee charged by the specialists, not the club.

This is the power of teamwork in a Mastermind Group!


So Here's the Key Question... 

What Would it be Worth to you to;

  • Be free from fines, fees & penalties on traffic matters, permits, and more or... 
  • Be free from charges and harassment  from the bankruptcy tribunals (state & federal courts), or...
  • Be free from the headaches, compliance requirements, penalties with time and money lost to the IRS? or...
  • Be free from the abuse and corruption of theft by the banks in bogus foreclosure actions? or...
  • Be free from garnishments, seizures and theft of your hard earned capital and assets? or... 
  • Get paid finally for the credit/note you created to support the mortgage loan you received, and never got paid for? or...
  • Be free from commercial or criminal charges as you now can discharge those using your Treasury Account? or...
  • Be free from credit card debt and other obligations being hung around your neck based on fraud and deception?
  • Have the power and confidence knowing that whoever approaches you, that you are the 'Owner' and 'Creditor' with the highest claim and that all public servants are to serve 'your' purposes, not theirs!?

Can you put a dollar figure on the value that this would have in your life?  Try, and see what you come up with.

And those are only the Personal Benefits!

In the bigger picture.... 
...think about how we can reclaim 'our ground' on local and state levels

by educating the populace and empowering ourselves with the tools to do proper 'self governance'
and put the Feds and the globalists back in their puny little boxes where they belong!   

But Wait! 

I know it sounds great and all but...
Not Everyone is Cut Out For This!
You Should NOT do this if...


  1. You do not take personal responsibility for your life
  2. You do not take the time to absorb the complete details of what you are reading
  3. You do not follow instructions well
  4. You expect someone else to do your work for you.
  5. You expect this just to be an automated 'push button' operation
  6. You expect BIG results overnight or with very little personal input from yourself
  7. You like to 'Start' things but are not committed to 'Finish'
  8. You have limited critical thinking capacity and cannot think well on your feet under pressure.
  9. You have little imagination or creativity to be able to adapt a 'plan' to the circumstances.
  10. You are timid and have little confidence in your capabilities or potential.
  11. You are not willing to invite Jesus and the Holy Spirit into your life to guide and protect you.
  12. You cannot create a detailed plan for yourself, organize the plan and then execute it one step at a time.
  13. You cannot commit to achieving extraordinary results which are 'beyond the norm' 

If any one of those unlucky 13 facts apply to you, I strongly urge you NOT to join this Mastermind group because you will likely get torn apart on the battlefield of your own doing and then probably seek to blame someone else for your failures.  That attitude is not welcome here.  We seek only the most qualified, committed and capable of candidates to go through this program and see it to it's natural conclusion which is SUCCESS, PEACE & FREEDOM!

Success in this program can ONLY come from faith, discipline, commitment and personal responsibility.

If you still feel that you qualify and are up to the task, here's the deal...

As a Constitutional Commando, your membership is LIFETIME.  Once you're in, you then only have an annual dues payment of $49 to help keep the lights on and that's it!   That starts only on your anniversary date after your first year.

To be a part of this elite, special operations team and start benefiting from this high level intel at only a small fraction of it's true value, follow the instructions below.   What's 'your number'?  What value did you come up with?  Candidates who are qualified will recognize the true value here.

Let me give you just one example of what you have here;  The material from just one of our many Advanced Training Libraries, the one on Business Trusts originally sold for $10,000 to successful privacy seekers who gladly paid it for the results it got them!  This was back in the 1980's!  You know yourself that other organizations routinely charge $2500 for just one 'Pure Trust', 'Blind Trust' or otherwise named Contractual Trust.  One organization we know of currently, does a great job but they charge $5,000 for the training which you get here on only this one discipline, and that's all they do!

Our library on this topic includes unlimited sample master documents, samples of all the addendums, resolutions, certificates, appointments, agreements and more.  Create as many as you like!

The 'coup de gras' is a 375 page operations manual and research document which will blow you away with it's comprehensive treatment of the issues and it is intensely researched and supported with each page being fully footnoted and referenced to the legal basis of the content presented.  On top of that, you'll have one of a kind video training which is unlike anything you've seen before.  You won't find this presentation, or even this content anywhere else!

You get the point.  This module is maybe only 2% of the total benefit package.  And others have truly paid $10,000 cash for this alone and considered it a Bargain and a Treasure!  In fact, there is much more than is just listed on this page, but I don't want to keep you here all day reading. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you join.

For this entire program,  which is like nothing else on this planet,  you'll only contribute the equivalent of: 


This entire program is FREE...


with your donation of $1500 to the Panama Christian Foundation.  :-) 

You can help others and help yourself in the process.


This is one time only for a Lifetime of benefits.  $49 annual renewal thereafter

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We'll help you get started.  

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Instructions to secure the tremendous benefits of membership

(Important!  Please follow these instructions in proper sequence)


1. Make your donation
Show us you're serious.  If you have any questions or reservations, we'll discuss those and get you straight in Step 3, when we have a personal private briefing.  If for any reason either you or we are not comfortable in proceeding, the deposit will be immediately refundable 100% on the spot.  When we are in agreement and we proceed to get you registered, at that time when you have access to member materials it's a quid pro quo and membership is non-refundable at that point. 

Constitutional Commando membership donation - click here

Global Entrepreneur membership - click here*
* other payment options are available.

2. Fill out our questionnaire.
   Go Here   Be sure to enter who referred you on the bottom if it was a personal referral.  Otherwise let us know how you found us. Be sure to pay attention to each item on the questionnaire and respond accordingly. This is important and reflects your diligence. 

3. Your personal one-on-one briefing session: Once your questionnaire is filled out, we'll contact you to discuss your plans, objectives, motivations and expectations to be sure that we are a good fit for each other.  If you are invited, you'll move on to step 4 to complete the process.

4. Registration

Once you agree and have been accepted we'll send you what you need to get properly registered with access to member materials and you're off and running! 


PLEASE NOTE:  Please make a point to not only read the emails we send you, but also read and understand every detail.   Far too many people skim, or don't even bother and they end up confused or frustrated because 'things don't work' when they don't follow instructions.  It then becomes a waste of your time and ours getting you up to speed on things which is an unnecessary exercise.  



Oops!  Oh, sorry!   I almost forgot to mention something.  And it's no small matter... 



Our Affiliate Program is amazing and could change your life...



Could you use an economic boost?  Would you like to quickly recoup your membership investment and have all these benefits for free?

This will do it.  See how it works in this video.  Click Here



Now you see why I said that this is 'no small matter'.  
You need to always spread freedom whenever you have the chance.

Now you can be compensated quite handsomely for doing so!

Can you afford NOT to join?

Start the process and let's talk to see if we're a fit! 




Notice:  All transfers are donations to Panama Christian Foundation and once we complete the personal interview and you are accepted as a member, with your approval, are non-refundable. 



Payment Options

We prefer payment in BitCoin. 

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 We can also accept:  

Wire transfer, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, Amex, JBL and

direct cash deposit in our national bank. 

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Thanks for your interest and we look forward to speaking with you personally
to start on this adventure of empowerment!