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Black Friday Special

- Offer is limited and only available from Nov. 18 - Dec. 16, 2022

$625 one time only (75% Off) for Full lifetime membership benefits

Annual renewal $49 beginning in year 2.

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Full Membership


Full Lifetime membership is $2450.00 and then only $49 annual thereafter.

Payment plan option:  $1000 deposit + 4 payments of $500.


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Executive PMA Membership


- includes the Full Member Benefit package, 

- PLUS Custom PMA business structure in the form of a non-statutory private trust,
- PLUS member agreements and all supporting documents
- PLUS Notice & Legal Memorandum to be used for any 'official' interactions  
- PLUS optional designation as 'Auxiliary' to World Mission Church rendering your     PMA as a faith-based organization qualifying it as a '26 USC 508(c)(1)(a)' organization rendering it   'excepted' from the IRC.
- PLUS recommendations for alternative banking & payment systems.


$3950 one time

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Payment Plan: 4 monthly payments of $1100

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Global Entrepreneur Membership


Includes: Full member benefits

- PLUS International Business Trust, 1 year professional trustee services, with complete financial infrastructure access, alternative banking and consulting from MMG Capital Management & Trust.  Details are available separately with personal delivery. 
- Included:  Complete consulting package to include training and support in all areas for 12 months.


Base Plan:  $9950 one time.* (**)

* If the previous year tax liability exceeded $100k we ask for a donation to our humanitarian outreach programs amounting to 2% of estimated tax savings.

** Often times a member requires a complex structure which involves more than one special purpose vehicle for holding certain assets and/or making banking arrangements.  These complex structures are customized according to need and function and are quoted separately.


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Custom Proposals are available upon request for particular needs



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